Thursday, July 29, 2010

pc to mobile free calls

pc to mobile free calls

Today you can call from your PC to a traditional phone for free, and you also can get a free number where others can call you from a phone. Your PC connection will be the only limiting factor, since the service provider will use high quality connections on the other end. You can find at least twenty top-notch PC to phone services, with Skype, ICQPhone, and BlasterPhone among them.
What You’ll Need

When you use your PC to call a phone, you’ll need to download software that enables you to make a phone call from you PC to a phone. You’ll also need a headset or speakers and a microphone. And, although you’ll be connecting to a phone service, it would help to have your computer connected to high-speed cable or DSL. You can connect with a dial-up connection, but don’t expect quality audio on either end. The larger and faster your connection, the better the flow of audio on both ends.
Features to Look For

In many cases, you can make calls to the U.S. if you live outside the U.S. While most software that enables PC to phone calling provides connections to phones within the U.S., you might look for a company that offers international calls you’re your computer. Be aware that the international calls made not be made for free.

Some software only works with Windows, so be aware about whether you can use that software with your current computer setup. With that said, the software should offer services such as fax, an answer phone, voicemail, file transfer and more.

Monday, May 10, 2010


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